Welcome to NZPRINTS.co.nz, your premier destination for exquisite prints of New Zealand. Featuring unique images captured by kayak in the Hauraki Gulf, we invite hotels, motels, Airbnb hosts, and apartment owners to transform their spaces with our inspiring artwork, enhancing guest experience and property desirability.

Customer Feedback

Diana - Breadwinners Bakery St Heliers
We have some of Richard’s photographs hanging on our wall and this art really exhibits vivid colours and tranquility that evoke a sense of wonder. We chose the acrylic media, which provides depth and luminosity, making the landscapes appear more lifelike and immersive. Investing in this artwork has truly enriched my home and business and has sparked countless conversations among my guests.
Steve - Kāpiti Ice Cream Mission Bay
Richard Harri has truly transformed our shop, Kāpiti at Mission Bay, with his incredible photography. His stunning canvas prints, prominently displayed upstairs, have added a vibrant and captivating atmosphere that our customers absolutely adore. Each piece reflects Richard's exceptional talent and eye for beauty, making our space more inviting and visually appealing. We are delighted with his images and highly recommend his work to anyone looking to enhance their environment with art.


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